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At Dirigo RMS, we train on active shooter response, de-escalation, drug impairment in the workplace, leadership and supervision, and much more!


On October 6th Dirigo Risk Management Solutions (RMS) is partnering with S.A.D. 75 (Topsham, Maine) to conduct Active Shooter Response Training for the entire school district staff (575 members). The training will take place in one day simultaneously at 7 different locations.

The class presents S.A.D. 75 employees with truly behavior changing information on responding to an active shooter or active threat situation.
Dirigo RMS uses a combination of active and retired police officers, school resource officers, swat team members, police chiefs, homicide investigators, and lawyers to provide S.A.D 75. the best Active Shooter Response Training possible.
“It is an unfortunate reality of the times, but this is a training that we feel strongly all schools must avail themselves of” says project manager Abbe Chabot, a recently retired Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit Investigator and the Maine State Police 2020 Trooper of the Year.
Abbe continues “MSAD 75 has been so impressive in their dedication to present this training to all district staff, and it has been a pleasure to work with them to ensure their district is prepared to address this type of scenario and increase the safety of their employees and the children in their care.”
Dirigo RMS’s Active Shooter Response Training includes a history of active threat and mass casualty incidents, statistical analysis of motives and risk factors, preparedness for employees, pre-planning, situational awareness, response guidelines, communication, and a question-andanswer block. This course also involves tabletop exercises and interactive video presentations.
This training was created for Dirigo RMS in conjunction with our partners at RJ Goan &
Media inquiries should be directed to the Dirigo RMS POC, Abbe Chabot. There will be an opportunity for press coverage during training on Friday. Please plan to arrive no later than 8:00 AM on 10-6-23.

Media POC: Abbe Chabot
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Our Risk Management Solutions

At DirigoRMS, we offer two main solutions to address the common problems associated with, physical security, and leadership faced by businesses and organizations: Business Safety Training and Risk Management Services.

Business Safety Training

Our Business Safety Training helps businesses and organizations prepare for and prevent potential safety issues, including those related to intoxication and impairment of employees in the workplace. Our training programs cover a range of topics, including recognizing and handling situations involving impairment, implementing policies to address intoxication, and preventing accidents and incidents on the job with de-escalation and vehicle safety training modules.

Risk Management Services

Our Risk Management Services provide a comprehensive approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks faced by businesses and organizations. This includes addressing risks related to intoxication, physical security, and uncertain leadership. Our team of expert risk management professionals will work with you to develop and implement effective strategies to minimize these risks and protect your business.

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Active Shooter Response Training

The Active Shooter Response Training course is available in two-hour and four-hour versions.

The two-hour program includes a history of active threat and mass casualty incidents, statistical analysis of motives and risk factors, preparedness for employees, pre-planning, situational awareness, response guidelines, communication, and a question-and-answer block. This course also involves a tabletop exercise and interactive video presentations.

The four-hour program expands on the two-hour version with additional components such as tabletop exercises, statistical analysis discussions, and pre-planning. It includes situational awareness, Stop the Bleed overview, developing a Standard Response Protocol, 911 procedures, first responders, evacuation procedures, sheltering in place, cover vs. concealment, medical resources and self-treatment, self-protection, practical exercise, communication, liability, and a question and answer block.

It also includes multiple interactive video presentations and two practical exercises. The four-hour program focuses more on the employee and management roles, and it is geared towards employers who are working with local resources to develop plans before an incident takes place.

Physical Security Risks

Physical security is another important area of risk management for businesses and organizations. Ensuring the safety and security of your premises, employees, and customers is crucial for protecting your business and minimizing potential liabilities.

Problems with physical security can arise from a range of issues, including inadequate security measures, lack of training for employees on how to handle security incidents, and inadequate response to security breaches or incidents. Even if you take all the right precautionary steps, however, the risk of an active shooter incident remains present and requires an effective procedure for rapid response.

By regularly reviewing and updating your physical security protocols and providing training for employees on how to de-escalate and minimize conflicts, you can help mitigate these risks and ensure the safety of your business.

Unclear Response Policies

Uncertain leadership can also pose risks to businesses and organizations. When leaders are uncertain about what they can and cannot do, it can lead to a lack of direction and clarity, resulting in confusion and uncertainty among employees and inconsistent responses that either fall short or exceed your organization’s authority.

Far from being a mere inefficiency, this can lead to legal issues, as leaders may make decisions that are not in line with relevant laws and regulations. By providing clear guidelines and resources for leaders to make informed decisions, businesses and organizations can minimize the risks associated with uncertain leadership.

With diverse courses on topics like vehicle driver liability, active shooter training plans, drug impairment recognition, and de-escalation tactics, we empower both employers and employees with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.