“It was a really good experience for all of my people who attended and the feedback from all has been positive.

The program had value for all leadership ‘experience levels’ on my team – from the least to the most experienced.

The interactive nature of the program kept everyone engaged in a positive way. There was just enough ‘heat’ to ensure that you had everyone’s attention – but done in such a way that no one should have felt intimidated or embarrassed.

The class made everyone think. About how they do their jobs. About how they treat co-workers and subordinates. About how big a responsibility positive leadership is.

Your real-world, experience-based teaching style provided the opportunity for attendees to not only improve their leadership skills – but also to learn more about each other. It was a tremendous team-building exercise for us. Although we were a pretty cohesive group to start with – this helped build on that. And your class is structured in such a way that even teams that might not be quite so cohesive could perhaps find some common ground.

Thank you, Adam. Several of my people said they would like to do something like this on an annual basis.”

Susan Lessard

Bucksport Town Manager

“This was an excellent class, the instructor was well prepared, very knowledgeable in the subject matter and made the class interesting”

Sean P. Geagan

Director of Public Safety Bucksport

“At Agren, we have partnered with Dirigo Safety a couple of times for our training needs. Without question they have been a wonderful team to work with. When we found out we could partner with Dirigo through the Maine Workforce Development Compact, we were ecstatic!  Dirigo’s team has always been easy to work with. They are organized, accommodating and truly there to benefit the community, employees and the companies they work with.  We couldn’t be more happy with the trainings they’ve provided to our team!”

Stacey Groomes

HR Specialist, Agren

“Scot has assembled a highly competent staff of Maine content experts with a vision forward. Great to see Maine people in a Maine company serving many professionals in both the public and private arena. Best of luck to you and your staff in your great new location in Auburn, Maine.”

Joel T. Wilkinson

Labor Representative, Fraternal Order of Police

“Adam’s teaching style is engaging, energetic and memorable. The training was a worthy investment for our city because the employees found the topics applicable to their daily work and left the training ready to apply their knowledge gained.”

Heather Theriault

HR Director, Town of lewiston

Frequently Asked Questions

While every situation is unique, there are some questions we get all the time. Here we’ve compiled some of the most common questions we get and their answers.

Are You A Security Team Company?

No.  We are a team of security and safety experts with extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, legal policy development, and administration.  We consult with clients on the best ways to keep their facilities secure and safe, help train administrators and staff, and provide guidance to clients on how to achieve their various security-related goals.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

We like to be flexible with our clients, and we do offer payment plans for larger projects, especially site assessments.  However, most of our services, such as digital and in-person training, need to be paid either in advance or at the time of receipt.

Will This Affect My Insurance Premium?

While we are investigating opportunities to secure discounts for our clients with their insurance providers, we do not currently have agreements in place.  The exception is that our Liquor Liability Training conveys a discount on ServSafe.

What Is Your Liability In The Case That Something Goes Wrong With Hands-On Training?

For all hands-on training, we require a liability waiver. While we have never experienced an incident during any of our training, our insurance coverage requires us to take this step to engage in hands-on training on-site for businesses.

Will You Travel To Us Even If We’re Out Of State?

Yes! We perform hands-on training and site assessments all over the country as needed.  In some cases, there are travel fees associated with coming to your location, to cover transporting our personnel and their expenses.

How much does the training cost?

The cost of training varies by the type of training, how many staff need training, travel if necessary, and so on. You can contact us for a custom quote or inquire about the base cost of any of the training we offer.

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer Business Safety Training, On-Site Risk Assessments, and custom consultations for needs that fall outside of our explicitly outlined services.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.  Odds are excellent that we can help you even if what you need doesn’t fall within our standard services.

Who Are Your Instructors?

Our instructors are primarily retired or active law enforcement officers with real-world experience with active shooters and other high-risk scenarios.  You can find out more about our staff of professionals on our Meet the Team Page!

How Are Instructors Selected?

Our instructors are vetted based on a combination of demonstrated experience, references, and a direct interview process. In essence, candidates’ knowledge and experience need to match or exceed our instructors’ standards, and they need to have a track record of excellence.

Are There Maximum Or Minimum Class Sizes?

We have a minimum attendance requirement of 10 to run a class and a maximum of 25 for a standard class.  If this doesn’t meet your needs, please get in touch with us, as we can find ways to accommodate larger groups in some situations.

Can You Customize The Training For Us?

Yes! If your training need falls outside the standard courses we’ve developed, or if your situation requires modification of our existing training offerings, we are happy to work with you to provide the training you need.

Can you combine two classes for us?

We can certainly offer more than one class to a group, however, we do not offer any discounts for combining multiple classes (except where travel fees math be reduced).

How Long Are The Trainings?

The length of any given training is dependent on various circumstances, from the specific training required to the unique situation you and our staff need to be trained for to the number of personnel receiving training.  When you contact us for a quote, we can provide you with a more specific estimate of how long the training will take.

Will You Come To Us On Holidays, Evenings, Or Weekends?

While we strive to be flexible to make sure we’re serving our clients to the best of our ability, we cannot guarantee availability for evenings, weekends, or holidays.  Please reach out to discuss your situation and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Are your classes set up as CEC, continuing education credits?

No, our classes do not count towards continuing education credits as they’re safety and risk management education, not academic studies.

Who Is Dirigo Safety?

Dirigo Safety is our sister company.  It’s one of the premier training firms for law enforcement, corrections officers, and emergency responders in Maine. Dirigo RMS grew out, extending the tradition of providing top-notch training to professional officers to civilians who also need training for safety and security.