Betsy Chapman

Property and Evidence Room Instructor

About Betsy

Betsy Chapman has a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the University of Maine-Orono. She worked in Forest Safety for a year then went back to school for a certificate to be a Surgical Physician’s Assistant from Cornell-Weill Medical School. While waiting to take boards she started working in inventory control and found her niche in life.
Betsy Chapman has worked in the Inventory Control field for 37 years. 24 years as the Property and Evidence Coordinator for the Portland Police Department. She is now Dirigo Safety’s Online Training Coordinator.
Betsy is known for her organizational skills and innovative data management. During her time in Portland, she developed databases to assist in her function and several others to help the department manage and sort its data. She is known as a subject matter expert and is often contacted by other departments to assist with setting up their property rooms and for advice about her experience with property and evidence storage issues.
Betsy has provided instruction to officers throughout Portland Police Department and set up reference guides used by the officers. Betsy wrote the Property and Evidence Manual used by the Department. She also managed the uniform and equipment inventory for the Portland Police Department.
When not working her passions lie in fitness and music. She loves to explore the outdoors by hiking, biking, kayaking, and skiing.