Michael White


About Michael

Meet Michael: A Security Expert with Over 35 Years of Experience

Michael White is a seasoned security veteran, with over 35 years of experience in the hospitality security industry. Having worked as a Security Manager for multiple venues and as a Security Director for high-profile events, such as The Rangeley Health and Wellness Benefit Concertstiva and Yarmouth Clam Festival, Michael’s expertise in conflict resolution and security procedures is unparalleled.

Michael’s extensive experience has allowed him to develop a unique set of skills and knowledge that he now applies as the owner of EventSafe Professional Services. In his early career, Michael worked as a bartender and bouncer in various states, which gave him valuable insights into the hospitality industry and how to manage large groups of people in high-pressure situations. He then joined the Army, where he served as a Military Police Investigator, gaining an in-depth understanding of security tactics and procedures that he later applied to his civilian work. Furthermore, his experience as a MDOC Training Corporal demonstrates his commitment to sharing his knowledge and helping others learn.

As the owner and operator of Black Tie Security Group and Event Pro Security, Michael provides trained, professional nightclub, bar, and event security to organizations in the Greater Portland area. He is MOI certified through the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and DOD certified InstructorASP through the US Army, with additional ASP certifications as a Baton/Handcuff/Tactical Flashlight Instructor and TiPs Seller/Server National Instructor.

Michael’s expertise makes him an invaluable asset to businesses and organizations in the Greater Portland area. He is a subject matter expert in the fields of hospitality and security, with a wealth of experience to draw from when developing conflict resolution tactics, Security SOPs, and POST orders.